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Deck Pipe Anchor Line


Yes, I do have a deck pipe for the anchor line. I decided as soon as I got the boat that carrying the anchor through the cabin was going to be a pain.

The deck pipe is a Wilcox or is it "Wilcox Critenden"? _rope_ pipe. I bought (discovered) mine at a local marine store. I'll see if I can find the part number for you.

The bottom flange diameter is the same diameter as the port and starboard running light. The inside diameter of the pipe is about 1".  I mounted the pipe on the flat surface between the port and starboard running lights.

Since the diameter of the pipe is small it will not accommodate a shackle. Thus, I have a rope to chain splice between my 12' of chain and 300' of 3/8" New England Rope nylon anchor rode. Note that rope to chain slices are common with windlasses. Practical Sailor did a test and found that they will hold. They must be done properly and checked periodically for wear. Naturally, I check mine each season as well as each time that I set/retrieve the anchor.

I store my anchor (West Marine high performance 12 pound) in a SS bracket on the bow pulpit stanchion. I'll also see if I can get the part number for you. I believe that it is available at West.

PS You may also wish to paint the backside of the V-berth storage space as it was unfinished plywood on my boat. I had concern with moisture (from the wet anchor line) and eventual rot.

Hope this helps.

Regards, John
Provided by:   John S. Gedaminski "Blue Merle" Hull# 259



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