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Engineered Photo Gallery

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Spinnaker halyard bracket

Yes, you can do this. Now I have a separate spin and jib halyard. (Photo taken before block installed on the bracket. Mast is resting on life jacket lashed to bow pulpit for travel.)

"Engineered" at the dock

I repainted hull and deck in 2001 (lots of work!).


Well, my better half is camera shy, and we've all grown a bit in the past 3 years, but here we are.

Panel cover

Single sheet of "starboard" cut to fit and bolted thru a teak 1x4 at the right side to the bulkhead. Left side fits into a groove formed by gluing some teak buttons to the hull. Covers up all the loose wiring in other photo, and helps to hold the radio in place.

Electric installation without cover

2 panels and radio in bulkhead wall with cover removed. I added a subpanel and the radio and then covered it with white plastic board (see other pix). Note back of AC outlet up next to radio where I plug in at the dock in winter (not enough sun then).

Deck Hardware

Adjustable track installed for jib with a cam cleat. This works great for the blade jib. I think the genoa would be better off with adjustable block way, way aft. In chop, with the main twisted off, it is hard to get matching twist in the genoa. I experimented with sheet led to aft cleat and boy it is close to correct, clearly faster in some conditions.


Sink drains to outside through a valved hole at waterline. Note electrical panels, radio, and small Hella fan (it gets warm on the Chesapeake). Those Hella fans are great. I installed 3 of them and they run all night without killing my one Group 27 battery. They also help drown out any early risers in the morning.


Barometer etc above chart table.

Travel bracket for mast

I added 2 stanchions in back and when lifelines not in, use the lower lifeline holes to hold up a wooden bracket that can carry the mast for trailering. Rock solid.


Well, ok, we were at the dock at the time...

Window in painted top hatch

Painted top hatch white (instead of ugly yellow translucent) with non-skid in the paint, and then cut 4" square hole and put lexan on top for a window.

Solar panel

This little 5 watt flexible panel covers lines where you can't walk anyway and keeps me from plugging in more than once or twice a year. I may put another over the port side lines to see if I can enough area to power me through winter.


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